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Applying over 35 years of training and behavior expertise to the modern need for accurate and reliable information, No Ka Oi Dog Training and Canine Services provides a level of service and professionalism almost extinct in the industry. Commercialization and entertainment based training information is having intensely adverse effects on pet ownership and in an industry where ethics and morals have given way to profit only focused practices, No Ka Oi Dog Training and Canine Services stands out as an industry leader by example.

Here we do exactly what the name says; provide the customer with the very best of everything we offer available anywhere on the planet.  Our experience and expertise is unmatched in these categories and we keep to them religiously to preserve the quality, accuracy and VALUE at its utmost for the end user.

There simply is no substitute for experience, and there's few in the industry with the amount we have accrued over the years.  This leads to insight and perspective that simply cannot be attained without spending the time and seeing / working with the numbers we have achieved over the decades.  While others advertise using phrases like "vet recommended", in our history we've seen vets graduate school, manage their practices and RETIRE over two generations!

We offer a Life of the Dog Guarantee with our paid training programs, and always have.  The Clubs and Associations many fake trainers use to claim "Certification" actually PROHIBIT their members from offering guarantees.  We think that reflects the likelihood of success in working with them by having to build in an easy disclaimer suitable to their skill level.  In short, it's easier and more cost effective for them to blame the dog rather than offer a level of service and satisfaction they cannot attain in most cases due to lack of experience and know how.  We often see clients who have used multiple other "trainers" of this type only to arrive at our doorstep for real help and to finally get it.  Even without advertising, for over 20 years, dogs and owners in trouble found their way to our program in sufficient numbers to allow us the longevity in the field we have enjoyed.

Please look through our site and avail yourself of all the information contained herein.  If you still have problems or questions Contact Us and we will assist in any way we can to help you and your beloved pet live happy, well-adjusted and functionally reliable lives together.

A Hui Hou!!

Dog Training and Behavior Consulting
We offer the most highly refined and focused on-target training in the market today.
Telephonic Support and Instruction
Telephone and email support are available at either hourly rates or are unlimited and included in paid training courses.
Acquisition Consulting
One of the biggest heartbreaks we see is a client bringing home a new Rescue pet and having it display $5,000 worth of illness or infirmity within days or weeks of arriving in his/her "forever" home.
Expert Witness Testimony and Behavior Evaluations
Utilized by both the public and the legal professional network of Attorneys, Insurance Companies, City and County Councils and Neighborhood Associations.
Tips and Information
Categories include Behavioral, Training, General Info and more.